• LinuxFX 10.7 Live "The Windows 10 Clone" (64Bit)

Know your new operating system. You will double your productivity with the new LinuxFX 10.7, enjoying your computer without worrying about anything. The Linuxfx interface is based on Microsoft © Windows® 10, making migration between platforms, immediate and natural. Tools such as WxDesktop developed by us, bring all the features you are already used to using in Windows® (Control Panel, Network and System Settings, login and logout screens. And much more). Linuxfx 10.7 also has the personal assistant Helloa, who will listen to you and obey you as soon as you call, and can perform tasks such as opening applications and searching the internet. Linuxfx 10.7 comes with tools like Microsoft Teams®, Sype, Telegram and many others, to make sure you stay connected. Programs like Spotify, VLC, Rhythmbox and many others, will guarantee your media. Your productivity will not stop, Linuxfx 10.7 brings the OnlyOffice suite that was also developed, designed to be totally similar and fully compatible with your Microsoft © Office documents. Needing to run that program you had on Microsoft Windows? Linuxfx 10.7 runs an almost infinite library of Windows® games and applications. Return the power to your computer right now, and worry about what really matters. Linuxfx has the Free version, which serves most users.

LinuxFX distribution based on Ubuntu. It ships with an intuitive Cinnamon desktop user interface designed to facilitate migration of users from Windows. It includes a video management system called Sentinela, a computer vision software with video analytics and software for access control (facial recognition and automatic number plate recognition), object detection, gender, age and mood detection. Other features of the distribution include a new personal assistant, a WX theme for desktop and system applications, and compatibility with software written for Windows (.exe and .msi) through a Wine port.

LinuxFX OS, also known as WindowsFX is a distribution based on Ubuntu and uses Cinnamon as it’s desktop environment. It’s designed to mimic the windows 10 look and feel and does a pretty good job of it. It comes preinstalled with some well known Windows applications like Skype and Teams. It also included wine out of the box to aid you in installing Windows programs on Linux.

Purchasing Windowsfx 10.7 Founders Edition 64-BIT has several benefits:
Windowsfx Founders Edition has all the features of the free version plus these additions:
- Helloa Virtual Assistant who understands you, executes commands and searches for you.
- All WxDesktop features available with real-time updates
- Full support for Microsoft Active Directory and Worgroups networks (same Microsoft © Windows® configuration panel).
- Integration with Smart Home (google home, arduino and GP-IO)
- Latest build of the system core (kernel) to better support your computer's drivers.
- Improved support for Microsoft © Windows® applications.
- Support for games developed for Microsoft © Windows®.
- Advanced support for VDI (VMware Horizon, Citrix Receiver, Remote Desktop, etc...)
- Windowsfx Cinnamon Destop Edition for 2 cores 2 GB memory computer or more.
- Windowsfx Plasma Desktop Edition for 4 cores 4 GB memory computer or more.

LinuxFX 10.7 Live "The Windows 10 Clone" (64Bit)

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