• Qubes OS 4.2 on USB 8GB (64Bit)
Qubes OS is a free and open-source security-oriented operating system meant for single-user desktop computing. Qubes OS is a security-oriented, Fedora-based desktop Linux distribution whose main concept is "security by isolation" by using domains implemented as lightweight Xen virtual machines. It attempts to combine two contradictory goals: how to make the isolation between domains as strong as possible, mainly due to clever architecture that minimises the amount of trusted code.

Qubes OS leverages xen-based virtualization to allow for the creation and management of isolated virtual machines called qubes. Qubes, which are implemented as virtual machines (VMs), have specific :
- Purposes : with a predefined set of one or many isolated applications, for personal or professional projects, to manage the network stack, the firewall, or to fulfill other user-defined purposes.
- Natures : full-fledged or stripped-down virtual machines which are based on popular operating systems such as Fedora, Debian or Windows.
- Levels of trust : from complete to non-existent. All windows are displayed in a unified desktop environment with unforgeable colored window borders so different security levels are easily identifiable.

Qubes OS 4.2 on USB 8GB (64Bit)

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